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Article - Nov 18, 2020
From pipetting to policy: Using your skills as a scientist to make a difference in local government

ESAL volunteer Rebecca Mandt writes about how her experience as a genetics researcher has inspired her to get involved in her own community. She showcases the many tools ESAL offers and encourages readers to take the first step in local engagement.

Article - Oct 26, 2020
Scientists as Citizens: Getting Involved in Local Government

On September 30, ESAL and the Ecological Society of America co-hosted a webinar on “Scientists as Citizens: Getting Involved with Local Government.” ESAL volunteers made the case for how scientists can impact city, county, and state policy and presented time-tested strategies for effective engagement.

Article - Oct 25, 2020
Science, Technology, and the Vote: Securing the Integrity of Elections

On October 12, ESAL co-hosted “Science, Technology, and the Vote”, a virtual panel with the AAAS Center for Scientific Evidence in Public Issues. Panelists discussed how science and technology can help ensure the fairness, integrity, and security of the voting process.

Article - Sep 30, 2020
Beyond the Bench: Scientists Shaping State & Local Policy

On September 8, ESAL co-hosted “Beyond the Bench: Scientists Shaping State & Local Policy”, a virtual event with the American Chemical Society. A panel of three California scientists shared their transition into science policy and advice for local engagement.

Article - Jun 8, 2020
Scientists as Citizens: Taking Action

As protests to address structural racism and police brutality continue, it can be difficult to decide what we can do as scientists and engineers. ESAL's Arti Garg shares specific ideas on how to effectively contribute to your community by voting, engaging with elected officials, and listening.

Article - Jun 2, 2020
Scientists as Citizens: Aspiring to the Best of All of Us

Engineers and scientists hold a privileged position in our communities, but our civic responsibility does not end with our technical pursuits. Our training gives us unique approaches to using evidence and solving problems, and we can use that to make our communities stronger and better able to meet challenges.

Article - Oct 26, 2019
Local STEM Database

Engineers & Scientists Acting Locally is excited to announce our Local STEM Database. This crowd-sourced resource contains listings of STEM-relevant organizations, content resources, policy fellowships, university programs, and government initiatives and agencies that intersect with communities and city, county, and state government.

Article - Oct 5, 2019
Advocating for Policy in the State Legislature

Our latest playbook guide aims to help you advocate for policies at the state level. We share ideas and tips for how to identify stakeholders and set up effective meetings to make your voice heard on issues you care about.

Article - May 19, 2019
#EngageLocal: ESAL Goes Live on Twitter

On May 9, ESAL hosted a Twitter chat to share tips and ideas for how scientists and engineers can make a difference in their community. Using the #EngageLocal hashtag, scientists and engineers from around the country joined in to ask questions and share their experience.

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