Since 2020, ESAL workshops have served over 1,200 participants in 70+ workshop and conference sessions

ESAL offers interactive workshops customized to your group’s interests and location.

This can include information about the policy opportunities at the local level, case studies of scientists and engineers who are engaging locally, and step-by-step guides from ESAL’s Local Engagement Playbook. 

 We have previously hosted workshops for groups such as the Ecological Society of America, North Carolina Science Fellows, National Science Policy Network, Kavli Society Civic Science Initiative, and many more.
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Introduction to Local Engagement

Estimated Cost: $250 - 500
Our starter workshop is designed for groups that are new to local engagement and provide a thorough introduction for audiences with all levels of science policy background. If you’re just getting started and want to learn about opportunities in your local community, this is the workshop for you!

What you'll learn

Guidance on navigating local government structures
1-2 local engagement case studies 
1 step-by-step Local Engagement Playbook guide

Local Engagement Skills Building

Estimated Cost: $500 - 1000
Our intermediate workshop is designed for groups looking to take the next step in local engagement. Whether you’re broadly seeking to become a more experienced advocate or have a concrete goal you’re working towards, this workshop can help you build the key skills to become an effective participant in your local community.

What you'll learn

2 local engagement case studies
1 step-by-step Local Engagement Playbook guide 
Interactive group activity

Local Engagement Project Support

Estimated Cost: $750 - 1500
Our advanced workshop is designed for groups who are looking for support on a specific local engagement topic or project. In addition to content described in the Beginner and Intermediate tiers, we will work with you to develop new materials not currently available on the ESAL website, as needed. Depending on your interest, we can also offer follow-up workshops and small-group or individual coaching sessions as needed. 

What you'll learn

2+ local engagement case studies
1-2 step-by-step Local Engagement Playbook guides 
Interactive group activity
Follow-up workshop sessions and coaching

Let's Build a workshop that meet your needs!

Estimated Cost: $500 - 1500
ESAL offers interactive workshops customized to your group’s interests and location.


What our participants are saying
ESAL was great to work with. They gave us examples of possible workshop topics, and then collaborated with us to create a custom itinerary for our event that was engaging, informative and met our goals.

Jennifer Brown
National Science Policy Network

Attending an ESAL workshop motivated me to start going to Community Preservation Committee meetings in Boston. I wanted to share the experience with the Science Policy Group at my university, and it was super easy to plan a workshop with ESAL that was tailored for the Boston area and very relevant for our attendees.

Valentina Lagomarsino
Harvard Science Policy Group

ESAL's workshops are filled with interesting and useful information, always presented in a way that's digestible and actionable. Their workshop for our staff and volunteers at scientific societies left participants with plans for engaging at the local level in both the short- and long-term.

Rose Hendricks
Society Civic Science Initiative

Past Workshops

National Science Policy Symposium, 2019

AAAS Meeting, 2020

Sample Engagement Deep Dive

Sample Topic Deep Dive

Sample Case Study

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