Take Action

From addressing climate change to increasing digital equity, local governments and communities face a number of challenges that intersect with science and technology. As a scientist or engineer and a community member, you bring a valuable perspective to local decision-making. But, often, the biggest hurdle to engagement is getting started. Making a difference begins with taking the first step.

Pathways to Local Engagement

The journey to local civic engagement and impact can take multiple roads. Which route you choose may depend on your goals. Is there a change you want to see where you live? Are you looking for an opportunity to serve your community? Or would you like to share your expertise with local decision makers? We’ve laid out pathways to help you get started.


Advocate for a change you believe in. Your position may be science-informed, and it likely also reflects your values. Effective advocacy requires building common cause and gaining trust in your community.


Serve your community. As a volunteer, community leader, elected representative, or government staff, you can bring your science-informed perspective to local decision-making. Effective service requires relationship-building and empathy for your neighbors.

Expert Guidance

Share your expertise to inform local decision-making. Through your training and professional and personal experience, you have valuable knowledge and perspective for guiding policy development. Effective expert engagement requires taking a relational approach to communication that begins by understanding community needs.

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