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There are many pathways to making an impact locally: advocating for change, serving your government or your community, or sharing your expertise.

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Event - Apr 11, 2024
NSPN Symposium 2024 - Policy Innovation Through Local Community Involvement

Local governments increasingly serve on the frontlines of important science and technology policy, from artificial intelligence to clean energy to public health. Local communities can also serve as hubs for policy innovation, allowing scientists and engineers to directly influence the policymaking process in accessible, high-impact ways. This workshop will provide attendees with information about opportunities […]

Article - Apr 8, 2024
Bridging the Gap: How Advancing Science is Reshaping STEM Education in Pennsylvania

Advancing Science is not just an educational initiative; it is a lifeline to struggling schools, providing them with scientific equipment, workshops, and mobile science educator expertise, all at no cost.

Article - Feb 27, 2024
Advocating for Salmon Fishing Regulations

Local Fish & Wildlife Commission member Kendra Zamzow shares how her care for the local habitat led her to testify to the National Marine Fisheries Service about double fishing time.

Article - Feb 15, 2024
ESAL Expands Steering Committee, Welcoming Three New Members

In December of 2023, ESAL elected three new members-at-large to our Steering Committee, expanding the committee to 8 members.

Article - Oct 15, 2023
Bringing STEM Experience to the Maryland General Assembly

Julie Palakovich Carr is the only biologist with an advanced degree in the Maryland General Assembly, where she has been a representative since 2019. Learn more about the high-impact role of an elected official and the advantages that a scientific background affords policy makers.

Article - Oct 15, 2023
When the Cat is Missing Its Tail: Bringing Together Privacy Researchers to Solve Synthetic Data

ESAL spoke with Christine Task, a senior research scientist at Knexus Research Corporation and contracted technical lead of the Collaborative Research Cycle (CRC) hosted by the National Institute of Standards and Technology’s Privacy Engineering Program. Learn more about how Christine is mobilizing the privacy research community to solve pressing problems facing the federal government.

Event - Sep 21, 2023
SWE WE23 - Data-Driven Decision Making: Engineering Success at the Local Level

As local governments confront complex policy challenges, the need for data-based solutions is essential. However, data is often incomplete, and successfully using the data that is available can be  administratively challenging for local policymakers who are ill-equipped to fully leverage the information at their fingertips. This creates a valuable opportunity for engineers and other STEM […]

Event - Sep 21, 2023
SACNAS NDiSTEM 2023 - Building Your Voice: An Introduction to Science & Advocacy at the Local Level

STEM professionals of all career stages, whether well-established or just starting out, have a tremendous opportunity to engage with their communities. From public health to affordable housing, environmental conservation to arts and culture, scientists bring a unique insight valuable to local policy issues both within and outside of the scientific arena. However, the pathway to […]

Article - Sep 10, 2023
Professor connecting science to legislation and students and research to civic engagement

Michael Hendricks, an assistant professor in the Department of Politics and Government at Illinois State University, is an advocate for civic engagement who particularly emphasizes integrating STEM into the legislative process. Learn about how he approaches research, teaching, and mentorship to center civic engagement.

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