LSDB Category: Government Agency or Initiative

Local STEM DB - Oct 8, 2022
Idaho STEM Action Center

The Idaho STEM Action Center is an education and growth catalyst helping students, parents, educators, businesses, and communities create immediate and long-term paths to success. As an incubator, connector, and advocate of STEM thinking and initiatives, the center provides resources, support, and problem-solving that spark innovation, and offer paths to prosperity based on Idahoans' shared […]

Local STEM DB - Aug 23, 2020
Great Lakes Observing System

The Great Lakes Observing System provides end-to-end data services that support science, policy, management, and industry in the Great Lakes.

Local STEM DB - Jan 29, 2020
Ocean Protection Council

The OPC will ensure that California maintains healthy, resilient, and productive ocean and coastal ecosystems for the benefit of current and future generations. The OPC is committed to basing its decisions and actions on the best available science, and to promoting the use of science among all entities involved in the management of ocean resources. […]

Local STEM DB - Sep 25, 2019
Civic Design Lab

The Civic Design Lab (CDL) is a civic innovation lab within Oakland City Hall that grew out of the 3-year community-led Resilient Oakland initiative. CDL has been brought together through public-private-partnership to convene, incubate, and solve civic resiliency challenges for Oaklanders. CDL applies human centered design and systems thinking to public sector problems, starting with […]

Local STEM DB - Apr 22, 2019

DOEE’s RiverSmart programs help to reduce stormwater runoff that harms the District’s waterways and the Chesapeake Bay. RiverSmart programs provide financial incentives to help District property owners install green infrastructure such as rain barrels, green roofs, rain gardens, permeable pavers, shade trees, and more. These practices allow rainwater to stay on site and soak into […]

Local STEM DB - Apr 20, 2019
New Urban Mechanics

We work across departments and communities to explore, experiment, and evaluate new approaches to government and civic life.

Local STEM DB - Apr 13, 2019
Delta Tributaries Mercury Council

Vision: To reduce mercury in fish and wildlife in the Delta and its tributaries to levels that no longer pose a human health or environmental hazard while promoting the long-term social and economic vitality of the region. Mission: To bring together scientists, regulators, landowners, resources managers and users, to collaboratively develop and implement a strategic […]

Local STEM DB - Apr 13, 2019
MatSu Fish and Wildlife Commission

The MSB Fish and Wildlife Commission, formerly the Mayor's Blue Ribbon Sportsmen's Committee, was formed in February 2007 to represent the interests of the Borough in the conservation and allocation of fish, wildlife and habitat. The commission advises the MSB Assembly and the State of Alaska Boards of Fish and Game regarding fish and wildlife […]

Local STEM DB - Apr 2, 2019
The Waterfront Commission

The Waterfront Commission was established to study the issues relating to the Alexandria Waterfront and make recommendations to City Council.

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