Topic: Volunteer with Local Organizations

Local governments often rely on community based organizations to implement policies. Volunteering with entities such as food banks, homeless shelters, and local advocacy groups is a rewarding way to make an impact and also learn more about your community.

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Article - Apr 23, 2018
An Astrophysicist Turns his Gaze to Gerrymandering

In this month's "Stories from the Field", we talked to Thomas Beatty, an assistant research professor in astronomy at Pennsylvania State University who is skilled at charting distant worlds. He applies some of the same STEM principles to the more down-to-earth subject of gerrymandering, which has been the subject of recent court rulings and ongoing political debate.

Article - Nov 27, 2017
A Data Scientist Goes to the State House

Derek Stanford is a statistician and data scientist, aka an unusual candidate for the state legislature. But by the time he filed to run in 2010, he had spent a decade volunteering with advocacy groups and political campaigns and learning in depth about policy areas where he wanted to make a difference. He believes that government would benefit if more STEM professionals chose to get involved.


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