Topic: Local Government Structures

Understanding the structure of your local government is a critical first step to maximizing your impact in your community. For any issue that you wish to address, each level of local government likely plays a unique role in related decision-making. For example, climate change policies may include state-wide renewable energy generation standards and community-level renewable energy procurement bodies. By understanding the structure and function of each of the levels of government involved in an issue, you can more effectively target your engagement efforts.

ESAL Articles and Events about Local Government Structures

Event - Aug 17, 2023
NSBE PDC 2023 - Serving Your Local Government as an Engineer

Local governments are increasingly facing STEM-related challenges such as climate resilience, election security, technology for community safety, public assistance programs, and vaccine policies. Advances in technology and engineering present real opportunities to improve these government services, but local policymakers are often ill-equipped to handle them and the associated social, legal, and political questions. Because engineers […]

Article - Aug 7, 2023
Championing Inclusivity in STEMM

Cynthia Prieto-Diaz, a biomedical engineer by training, actively contributes to scientific discourse by volunteering, engaging with city governments, and advocating for STEMM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics, and Medicine) involvement and consideration in local governance.Prieto-Diaz currently holds a position on the leadership team for 500 Women Scientists and serves as a member of the Board of Directors for the Cal Poly Pomona-Latin Alumni Network.


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