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Many environmental issues are inherently local. State legislatures and agencies often establish the regulations implemented by local governments in a range of areas that include air and water quality, development and industrial activity, environmental impacts on people’s health, and many others. Cities and counties develop local ordinances that implement environmental standards and establish task forces and commissions with the responsibility of developing approaches that work for a specific community. Environmental policies are often linked to the outcomes in other issue areas, including climate, energy, waste, transportation, and the economy.

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Article - Jul 30, 2018
All Politics Are Local

ESAL Founder Arti Garg writes about how her work with a municipal task force showed her the connection between local litter abatement and San Francisco Bay health. She encourages readers to learn the role their local government plays in the science policy issues that matter to them.

Article - Sep 28, 2017
Shaping State Policy with Science

Josh Lawler, Ph.D. is a Professor of Environmental and Forest Sciences and Co-Director, Center for Creative Conservation at the University of Washington. In November 2016, he got a call from the state of Washington’s Joint Legislative Audit and Review Committee (JLARC), a legislative office that provides nonpartisan analysis, which led to a rare chance to do research that directly informed state policy.


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