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Depending on the setting, decision-making bodies in your neighborhood can take many structures and have wide-ranging degrees of formality. They can include university administration and homeowners association. Other non-governmental organizations, such as places of worship or local employers, can also play a significant role in community decision making. Like cities and counties, neighborhoods may also form their own advisory commissions to advise and solicit local feedback on issues such as traffic management, real estate planning, and community business development. Many neighborhood initiatives are volunteer-led, providing a unique opportunity for scientists and engineers to be key contributors to policy design and implementation.

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Article - Apr 26, 2020
Plasma Physicist Takes on Emergency Response Role

Jim Treglio is a retired materials scientist who mobilized a Community Emergency Response Team program in San Diego. Treglio shared his experience using his technical background to work with the local fire department and how scientists can contribute to community response efforts.


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