Local STEM: STEM in Your Governments and Communities

By: Chris Spitzer, ESAL Content Director
September 9, 2018
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Our “Local STEM” series highlights local government and community initiatives and organizations in areas that relate to STEM.
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Engineers & Scientists Acting Locally (ESAL) is dedicated to increasing civic and community engagement by professionals with STEM backgrounds. Many cities, counties, and states have local government initiatives and non-governmental organizations that you may not have heard about but may be of interest to engineers and scientists. We are launching a new series, called Local STEM, to highlight their work.

These contributions range from “civic tech” to improve local government transparency to non-profit groups that do STEM-related advocacy. Our hope is that featuring the range of activities happening right now in communities across the U.S. might inspire more civic-minded STEM professionals to get involved in similar efforts.

Are you involved with an organization or effort that you think might be of interest to the ESAL community? Or have heard about an organization or initiative that you’d like to learn more about? Let us know here, and we may feature it in a future post.

Engineers & Scientists Acting Locally (ESAL) is a non-advocacy, non-political organization. The information in this post is for general informational purposes and does not imply an endorsement by ESAL for any political candidates, businesses, or organizations mentioned herein.
Published: 09/9/18
Updated: 07/31/22
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