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Article - Jul 5, 2020
Ensuring a Just Transition to Electric Vehicles in California

While electric vehicles are a critical part of local climate change and air pollution mitigation, structural barriers create gaps in charging infrastructure for marginalized communities. ESAL volunteer Chris Jackson recently published a policy brief outlining how policymakers can ensure that those benefits are equitably distributed.

Article - Jul 1, 2020
Safeguarding Civil Liberties in Municipal Use of Facial Recognition

As facial recognition becomes widely available, local governments are grappling with whether and how to use it. The Science Policy Group at Berkeley recently published a policy brief outlining how privacy advisory commissions can oversee these technologies.

Article - Jun 8, 2020
Scientists as Citizens: Taking Action

As protests to address structural racism and police brutality continue, it can be difficult to decide what we can do as scientists and engineers. ESAL's Arti Garg shares specific ideas on how to effectively contribute to your community by voting, engaging with elected officials, and listening.

Article - Jun 2, 2020
Scientists as Citizens: Aspiring to the Best of All of Us

Engineers and scientists hold a privileged position in our communities, but our civic responsibility does not end with our technical pursuits. Our training gives us unique approaches to using evidence and solving problems, and we can use that to make our communities stronger and better able to meet challenges.

Article - Apr 19, 2020
#ScienceInAction Twitter Chat

ESAL and fellow organizations participated in a Twitter chat led by the Science Network of the Union of Concerned Scientists (UCS). The virtual conversation addressed the importance of scientific engagement in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Article - Mar 23, 2020
Scientists as Citizens: Responding to Community Needs

As local communities rally together to face this challenge, ESAL has compiled a list of ideas for engineers and scientists who want to contribute to COVID-19 efforts. We will continue to add to it as we learn of new efforts, so please send us anything you’d like to see included.

Article - Feb 4, 2020
Apply for a Local Policy Fellowship

Our latest playbook guide aims to help you apply for local science and technology policy fellowships for policies. We share resources to help identify, prepare to apply, and interview for the right fellowship for you.

Article - Dec 23, 2019
Joining an Advisory Board or Commission

Our latest playbook guide aims to help you find an entry point into local policy engagement through service on an advisory board or commission. We walk you through how to overcome some of the common barriers, including identifying an advisory board and preparing for your interview and service.

Article - Oct 26, 2019
Local STEM Database

Engineers & Scientists Acting Locally is excited to announce our Local STEM Database. This crowd-sourced resource contains listings of STEM-relevant organizations, content resources, policy fellowships, university programs, and government initiatives and agencies that intersect with communities and city, county, and state government.

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