Topic: Energy

Many facets of electricity generations, distribution, and consumption are overseen by state, county, and local officials. Most notably in the U.S., state public utility commissions play a critical role in shaping our electric grid and renewable energy policies. In addition, local authorities can promote energy efficiency by developing and implementing strategies that improve the efficiency of municipal facilities and operations or encouraging energy efficiency improvements in residential, commercial or industrial sectors with government-backed incentives. Because of the many ways that access to and use of electricity shape sustainable growth, industrial activity, development, and economic activity, state and local energy policy has far-reaching implications.

ESAL Articles and Events about Energy

Article - Jun 11, 2018
Meeting with a City Official

In the second part of this month's "Postcard", Arti Garg describes a follow-up discussion she had with her city's economic development manager after offering public comments at a city council committee meeting. She wrote a one-page summary proposing that the city prioritize cleantech hardware in its development plan.

Article - May 14, 2018
Attending a Public Utility Workshop

In this month's "Postcard", Rachna Handa describes how she attended a public workshop for her county's community choice energy aggregator. She walked away from this all-day public forum and panel discussion motivated and energized to take part in local decision-making.

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