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County governments are typically comprised of an elected body, usually called a county commission or a board of supervisors, and a judiciary. Some counties also have an elected executive called a county executive or a county mayor, but many do not. Some states do not have counties but have other regional governments such as boroughs. County or regional governments are typically specified in state constitutions, and counties are often tasked with administering state laws. While the functions of county and regional governments vary by state, they are often responsible for many areas with STEM-related issues including health, elections, and justice.

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ESAL Articles and Events about County

Article - Sep 30, 2020
Beyond the Bench: Scientists Shaping State & Local Policy

On September 8, ESAL co-hosted “Beyond the Bench: Scientists Shaping State & Local Policy”, a virtual event with the American Chemical Society. A panel of three California scientists shared their transition into science policy and advice for local engagement.

Article - May 24, 2020
Condensed Matter Theorist Leads On Clean Energy

Aimee Bailey's interest in climate change took her from a Ph.D. in condensed matter physics to the local energy utility sector. She now leads a portfolio of electrification initiatives as the director of decarbonization and grid innovation at Silicon Valley Clean Energy.

Article - May 12, 2020
County health departments tackle COVID, can you help?

Nilesh Kalyanaraman, the health officer for Anne Arundel County in Maryland, has seen his work take on new importance during the COVID pandemic. He spoke with ESAL about how the county’s department obtains and analyzes information, and how STEM professionals can leverage their skills to support local efforts.

Article - Apr 29, 2019
Taking Your First Steps to Local Engagement

Our latest playbook guide aims to ease your first steps toward local engagement. We share ideas and tips for learning more about how your local government is addressing issues you care about.

Article - Jun 11, 2018
Meeting with a City Official

In the second part of this month's "Postcard", Arti Garg describes a follow-up discussion she had with her city's economic development manager after offering public comments at a city council committee meeting. She wrote a one-page summary proposing that the city prioritize cleantech hardware in its development plan.

Article - Jun 11, 2018
Delivering Public Comments at a City Committee Meeting

In this month’s “Postcard”, Arti Garg describes delivering public comments at a city council committee meeting.

Article - May 14, 2018
Attending a Public Utility Workshop

In this month's "Postcard", Rachna Handa describes how she attended a public workshop for her county's community choice energy aggregator. She walked away from this all-day public forum and panel discussion motivated and energized to take part in local decision-making.

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