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Local STEM DB - Dec 23, 2021
Acting Locally to Prevent Nuclear War

Today, the threat of nuclear war is greater than it has been in decades. And the only way to eliminate these risks and truly prevent a nuclear war is to abolish nuclear weapons. That’s where we the people and Back from the Brink: The Call to Prevent Nuclear War come in. Folks just like you […]

Local STEM DB - Jun 10, 2021
Science for Justice blog series

Science for Justice is a blog series from the Union of Concerned Scientists featuring stories of scientists who are working with and within most impacted communities and use their science expertise to inform issues of social justice. This space is meant to amplify the communities and grassroots organizations scientists work with and exemplify the inextricable […]

Local STEM DB - Dec 28, 2019
Pro Publica Local Reporting Network

ProPublica’s Local Reporting Network began in January 2018 after our staff thought about how we could help to remedy the lack of investigative reporting at the local level. Many local news organizations are facing enormous financial strain and cutbacks; they want to do deeper accountability coverage but simply don’t have the resources. That issue is […]

Local STEM DB - Oct 30, 2019
Eagleton Institute

The Eagleton Institute of Politics is part of Rutgers University-New Brunswick.

Local STEM DB - Oct 3, 2019
Maven's Notebook

Maven's Notebook is a website on California water that features both original news as well as content curated from a variety of internet resources.

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