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Acting Locally to Prevent Nuclear War

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Today, the threat of nuclear war is greater than it has been in decades. And the only way to eliminate these risks and truly prevent a nuclear war is to abolish nuclear weapons. That’s where we the people and Back from the Brink: The Call to Prevent Nuclear War come in. Folks just like you are testifying in town halls, helping pass resolutions, meeting with their members of Congress and local and state officials, working with community groups, and so much more.

This toolkit lays out a number of simple ways you can get involved:
Engaging on social media
Urging your local and state elected officials to endorse the campaign
Spreading the word via local media
Working with other groups and leaders in your community
Passing a resolution in your local government

For Profit: No
Accepts Contributions: No
Advocacy Oriented: Yes
Specific Political Ideology: No
Level(s) of Government Targeted: Municipal County

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