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Science for Justice blog series

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Science for Justice is a blog series from the Union of Concerned Scientists featuring stories of scientists who are working with and within most impacted communities and use their science expertise to inform issues of social justice. This space is meant to amplify the communities and grassroots organizations scientists work with and exemplify the inextricable link between science and social justice.
The series also serves as a platform to offer tips and resources for scientists looking to use their skills to help communities advance their work for just and equitable solutions, from scientists and community members already in this space.

It is critical for our collective health and safety for scientists to realize the power they hold in being able to inform policies which will protect this and future generations’ access to the land, water and air. The “Science for Justice” series offers guidance and examples to scientists on how to utilize this power—for the people.

For Profit: No
Accepts Contributions: Yes
Advocacy Oriented: Yes
Specific Political Ideology: No
Level(s) of Government Targeted: National Municipal State County

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