Science Technology & the Vote

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The integrity of our democracy requires that elections are open and accessible to voters and are secure from tampering or fraud. Authority over the conduct of elections primarily rests with state and local governments. From registering voters, to collecting ballots, to counting and verifying votes, state and local governments handle many behind-the-scenes logistics to ensure that your voice is heard. This year the COVID-19 pandemic presents the added challenge of safeguarding the health of poll workers and voters. Related to this, many states are expecting an increased demand for voting by mail, which may present additional logistical considerations. 

From the cybersecurity and user accessibility of electronic voting systems, to the mathematical methods utilized in redistricting and election auditing, to the public health best practices that can be implemented at polling places, science and technology are an integral part of our elections. In this panel, we will hear from STEM professionals who are working with their local governments and in their communities to ensure election integrity. Participants will leave with a better understanding of the intersection between science, technology, and elections and how they can contribute to preserve the foundation of our democracy.


Juan Gilbert

Professor of Information Science and Engineering
University of Florida

Jennifer Morrell

The Elections Group

Thomas Beatty

Faculty Member
University of Arizona’s Department of Astronomy


 October 12, 2020 , 3 - 4:30 PM  ET

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