Local Government Perspective: Responding to COVID

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The COVID-19 pandemic has been an unparalleled public health crisis. Local governments have had to make unprecedented public health policy decisions while mitigating the resulting socioeconomic pains among residents. Scientists and engineers have played significant roles in helping shape and measure the impact of these policy decisions.

Join us for a discussion with city officials and a scientist who is volunteering with her local government to learn how cities big and small have relied on scientists and engineers during the COVID-19 pandemic. Government panelists will discuss beneficial ways in which scientists and engineers have contributed to local response as well as challenges that they have encountered working with the STEM community. Participants with backgrounds in STEM will leave with a better understanding of how to effectively engage with local government on COVID-19 response.


Kate Bender

Deputy Performance Officer
DataKC, Kansas City, Mo.

Chelsea Wilson

Communications Specialist
Mayor's Office, Caldwell, Idaho

Kyra Fryling

Lab Manager
Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health


 January 26, 2021 , 3 - 4 PM ET

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