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Ocean Protection Council

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The OPC will ensure that California maintains healthy, resilient, and productive ocean and coastal ecosystems for the benefit of current and future generations. The OPC is committed to basing its decisions and actions on the best available science, and to promoting the use of science among all entities involved in the management of ocean resources.

The Ocean Protection Council Science Advisory Team (OPC SAT) provides scientific analysis and advice to the OPC and works to ensure that OPC policy and funding decisions are informed by the best available science. The OPC SAT was established in 2008 to help meet the goals of the California Ocean Protection Act, and offers a critical venue to bring state leaders and scientists together around pressing ocean and coastal challenges. The OPC SAT and its members engage in four principal work modes: Expert Taskforces, Advisory Committees, Expert Panels, and as individuals.

Advisory Appointment Opportunities: Yes
Internship Opportunities: No
Level(s) of Government Targeted: County

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