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Local STEM DB - Nov 28, 2021
Idaho Science and Technology Policy Fellowship

The Idaho Science & Technology Policy Fellowship (ISTPF) is a nonpartisan program that connects science with policy by fostering a network of science, social science and engineering leaders who understand government and policymaking and are prepared to develop and implement solutions to address societal challenges. The ISTPF provides opportunities for outstanding scientists, social scientists and […]

Local STEM DB - Nov 26, 2021
The Commonwealth of Virginia Engineering & Science Fellowship

The COVES Fellowship program, which began in 2020, aims to strengthen ties between the scientific community and state government in the Commonwealth of Virginia, while encouraging and equipping more scientists and engineers to be effective advisors for public policy in the state of Virginia.

Local STEM DB - Oct 22, 2019
Christine Mirzayan Science & Technology Policy Graduate Fellowship

Each year, applicants from around the world become part of an Academies' committee, board, or unit where they are assigned to a mentor and learn about the world of science and technology policy. An immersive experience, the program is designed to broaden fellows’ appreciation of employment opportunities outside academia and leave them with both a […]

Local STEM DB - Oct 22, 2019
Gulf Research Program Science Policy Fellowships

The Gulf Research Program’s Science Policy Fellowship program helps scientists hone their skills by putting them to practice for the benefit of Gulf Coast communities and ecosystems. Fellows gain first-hand experience as they spend one year on the staff of federal, state, local, or non-governmental environmental, natural resource, oil and gas, and public health agencies […]

Local STEM DB - Apr 10, 2019
Alaska Salmon Fellows

Salmon is a defining factor in the culture of Alaska; it’s something we all have in common. But salmon, Alaska’s third largest industry, is also frequently a flash point of conflict over difficult issues such as racial justice, the urban-rural divide, and balancing sustainability against the needs of resource development.​ Alaska Humanities Forum, along with […]

Local STEM DB - Apr 1, 2019
Eagleton Science and Politics Fellowship

The Eagleton Science and Politics Fellowship offers PhD-level scientists and engineers the opportunity to apply their scientific training and expertise to the development and implementation of relevant state policy. Fellows will apply their advanced technical training in service to the state of New Jersey. The program will provide participating New Jersey state legislative and executive […]

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