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Eagleton Science and Politics Fellowship

Eagleton Science and Politics Initiative at Rutgers University
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The Eagleton Science and Politics Fellowship offers PhD-level scientists and engineers the opportunity to apply their scientific training and expertise to the development and implementation of relevant state policy.

Fellows will apply their advanced technical training in service to the state of New Jersey. The program will provide participating New Jersey state legislative and executive branch offices ready access to trusted in-house science advisors to help facilitate government decision-making related to the wide range of critical public policies involving complex science, engineering, and technology. Fellows will develop an understanding of state government and how to build careers in public service.

Supported by a stipend, selected Fellows will participate in an intensive summer training seminar focused on New Jersey state politics and government; covering topics such as effective communication strategies, power structures, and political processes. Each Fellow will complete a one-year, full-time placement as a science aide in a legislative or executive branch office. (from website)

National Applicants Accepted: No
US Citizenship Required: No
Stipend Provided: Yes
Degree Requirements: Doctoral
Level(s) of Government Targeted: County

Contact Info

New Jersey
United States
(848) 932-8309
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