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First Street Foundation

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Using cutting edge modeling techniques validated through the peer-review process, the Foundation’s team of best in class data scientists is working to calculate the past, present, and future flood risk of every home and property in the United States. The First Street Foundation Flood Model and resulting data will allow world renowned researchers from the country’s top academic institutions to analyze the economic, fiscal, and social impacts of the country’s changing flood risk. Free, public access to the Foundation’s property-level flood risk information will continue to be available through Flood iQ, the Foundation’s online database and visualization tool. (from website)

Partisan: No
Issues Based Community Education: No
Volunteer Opportunities: No
Issues Based Advocacy: No
Specific Political Ideology: No
Internship Opportunities: No
Level(s) of Government Targeted: National Municipal State County

Contact Info

New York
United States
(718) 304-5472
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