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DemocracyLab is building a transparent, collaborative, inclusive, civil, and meritocratic community dedicated to using technology to improve society.

The civic tech movement is trying to invent the future. It’s a future where every person can contribute to the decisions that affect them, where public services are delivered dynamically, and where collective intelligence fits in the palm of your hand.

But the civic tech movement suffers from inefficiency. Too many smart, well-intentioned people underachieve their potential impact because they don't have access to the talent and resources they need to launch their projects successfully.

DemocracyLab is solving this problem by building an online hub for civic innovation that uses marketplace dynamics to allocate effort, resources, and attention. Our initial product seeks to optimize the connection between skilled volunteers and technology-for-good projects. Later offerings will focus on the needs of donors, citizens, and institutions. The result of our work will be an increase in participation, collaboration and transparency within the civic tech movement, and the evolution of new civic innovations capable of addressing many of society’s significant challenges.

Partisan: No
Issues Based Community Education: Yes
Volunteer Opportunities: Yes
Issues Based Advocacy: No
Specific Political Ideology: No
Internship Opportunities: No
Level(s) of Government Targeted: National Municipal State County

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United States
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