Evidence-Driven Solutions to the Opioid Epidemic

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Join Engineers & Scientists Acting Locally and the Society for Neuroscience for a discussion on how scientific experts can develop and advocate for state and local policies to address the opioid crisis

A record breaking number of Americans died from opioid misuse in 2022. To address this crisis, effective evidence-based policies are needed at all levels of government to combat the many factors that contribute to opioid abuse. Science and scientists play an important role in addressing this. Problem-driven research can identify effective strategies to address the opioid crisis and highlight opportunities for policymakers. Further, people with a background in science or medicine can leverage their expertise to develop and advocate for evidence-based policies and community practices. In this panel, we will feature leaders who are developing powerful and innovative solutions to address the opioid epidemic at the local and state level. We will discuss how these policies were created and how problem-driven research can best inform policy. Finally, we will explore how policymakers interact with scientific experts to develop and advocate for new opioid-related policies.

The recording of this event may be accessed on theĀ ESAL YouTube channel.


Ed Bilsky, PhD

Provost and Chief Academic Officer, Professor of Neuroscience and Pharmacology
Rocky Vista University

Susan Herzfeld

Ohio Dayton and Montgomery Counties Department of Public Health

Katherine Sullivan, PhD

Prescription Drug Epidemiologist
Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment


 February 6, 2024 , 6:00pm - 7:00pm ET

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