COVID CONVERSATIONS: Tips to Communicate Science to Your Community

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Misinformation about COVID-19 has made some individuals weary of public health and mitigation measures such as mask wearing and vaccine acceptance. While scientists and engineers have the scientific background to recognize misinformation, they do not always have the training to engage and communicate with non-scientific audiences. We will hear from professional science communicators who will provide an introduction to science communication best-practices and empower STEM professionals to combat misinformation. Participants will leave with a better understanding of how to educate, convey and communicate scientific concepts—especially about COVID-19—to the general public and local government.


Chidi Akusobi

MD/PhD Candidate
Harvard Medical School

Geoff Hunt

Public Outreach Specialist
American Society for Microbiology

Mikhaila Calice

Research Assistant
UW-Madison Dept. of Life Sciences Communication


 February 19, 2021 , 2 - 3 PM ET

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