AGU 2023 - Careers in Science Policy

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There are a variety of career opportunities for scientists outside of academia, including the field of science policy. Science policy is a multidisciplinary field that spans science, politics, communication and advocacy. Because of this diversity, countless science policy career opportunities can be found for individuals of all levels of college education and of various academic backgrounds. This session will provide the opportunity to hear from a variety of science policy experts and ask your questions about career opportunities in science policy. All levels of interest and experience are invited.


Dr. Arti Garg

Founder and Chair

Dr. Megan O'Donnell

Head of Policy and Communications
Geological Society of London

Dr. Julian Reyes

Assistant Director for Climate Services
White House Office of Science and Technology Policy


AGU Learning Sessions December 13, 2023 , 3:00-4:30 PM PT
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