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Chief Editor

Do you believe the STEM community brings a valuable perspective to challenges faced by cities, counties, and states? Engineers & Scientists Acting Locally seeks to inspire, encourage, and empower people in STEM to be active civic participants. We are a dedicated group of volunteers working to help our fellow members of the STEM community more effectively engage with their local communities and governments. And we would be thrilled to have you join our ranks.

ESAL is looking for an experienced editor to continue to grow ESAL’s highly-regarded body of written articles. ESAL generates original content that highlights people and organizations who are using STEM expertise to enhance local government and nonprofit decision making, and that dives deep into everything you need to know to act locally on STEM-related topics. If collaborating on a passionate Content Team for a small, high-impact organization sounds exciting, this might just be the right role for you!

As the ESAL Chief Editor you will:

  • Use mastery of AP Style to review and revise written content for accuracy and readability, including spelling, grammar, punctuation and syntax and consistency with ESAL’s internal guidelines.
  • Ensure consistent tone, voice, clarity, flow, and structure of content across our body of written work. 
  • Communicate and work collaboratively with Content Director, Content Coordinator, and Writers to ensure the content is published in a timely manner. 
  • Contribute ~5-10 hours/month of your time to do the above.
  • Make at least a 6 month commitment to volunteering with ESAL.
  • NOTE: ESAL is also hiring for a Content Director. We are open to one qualified person filling both roles; however, we expect that the monthly commitment will be ~15 hours/month.

In return, by volunteering with ESAL you will gain the opportunity to:

  • Network with engineers and scientists across the country who are passionate about improving their communities.
  • Lower barriers for scientists and engineers to get involved at the local and state level.
  • Demonstrate that you can ensure content quality by employing your editorial skills. 
  • Demonstrate leadership in a policy and civic engagement organization.
  • Influence and shape a growing organization that is receiving broad recognition from the science policy community due to its unique focus on non-federal engagement.
If you are interested in helping us change how engineers and scientists think about policy engagement, please contact us with a paragraph describing your interest and a link to a bio or an attached resume at
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